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$528 was stolen from me. Here’s how you can help. - Petite Mignonette Sweet Coquette [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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$528 was stolen from me. Here’s how you can help. [Sep. 16th, 2010|03:15 am]
Petite Mignonette Sweet Coquette
$528 was stolen from me. Here’s how you can help.

For the last month and a half I have been working my ass off and saving money to be able to move into a new apartment. After paying rent and utilities and spending money on food I had managed to save up a grand total of $528. Wednesday night, last week, I was called into work to help tear down a Southeast Des Moines Boxing Club event we were hosting. It was during this time all of my money was stolen from my wallet and my bag tossed in the trash. Luckily, it was at least retreived and I was saved from having to replace all my identification and food stamp card, as well. I do accept partial blame, in hindsight, I regret not having been more careful and feeling too secure and trusting while in my work environment. However, it is what it is. Now as it stands I no longer have the money I need to move out, which is where you come in. I would never expect something for nothing so here’s what you could do:

1. I have prints and postcards for sale of my artwork available at either http://www.redbubble.com/people/smilesvssmirks or http://www.society6.com/kthro Postcards from Redbubble can be purchased for as little as FIVE or SIX DOLLARS including shipping. Right now they are running a special where when you buy 8 postcards you get 20% off your order or if you buy 16 you get 30%.

2. If you live in or around the des moines area I’m accepting custom baking orders for negotiabile and reasonable prices. I can do anything from cake truffles to pies to cookies to brownies to whatever sugary or savory oven made good your heart desires. You can contact me to place an order via email at kim.throneberry@gmail.com

I appreciate the help more than words can say and would love a retweet or reblog if you can, to spread the word!

Love love love,

[User Picture]From: vaguemotives
2010-09-18 08:49 am (UTC)
Wow! Thank you so so so much for the help. It really does mean a lot to me. I'm kind of surprised at the people that have stepped forward to help me out, versus those that haven't. It hasn't been the people I expected, at all but the fact that any one at all has helped is still pretty uplifting. At this point it looks like there's next to no chance of me getting the money that was stolen back, and all I can do is work extra hard to try and make up the difference. I've got a lead on a second job which should help with any future expenses, though. And I'm in the process of filing taxes for the last two years (I didn't make enough originally to be required to file) and I'm eligible for an education credit I didn't know about. So, I may be getting back around $1300! I'm trying to expedite that process to get the money in time for the move, but we'll see. I feel like some things are falling in to place, at least, so I do have some hope everything will work out. Thank you times a million again! I hope you like the postcards!
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