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Vufus, my Gossip Girl OTP. [Jun. 27th, 2010|03:19 am]
Petite Mignonette Sweet Coquette
So, because I am a huge huge dork with a plentiful amount of free time and have been in bit of an art rut lately, I've decided to write a Gossip Girl fanfiction. I haven't written a fanfic since God knows when. I think the last one I wrote was a Lizzie McGuire Lizzie/Gordo fic back like freshman year of highschool? Oh boy, good times. But I digress! At first the GG story was just going to be about Nate/Jenny because I Iove them and it needs to happen, for real. But I've also been wanting to do a Vufus (Vanessa-Rufus) story too just because it would be fun and ridiculous to write them a storyline that's written in a serious way. You might think I'm a gross creepy perv for shipping Vufus, but seriously
a) He's the only male cast member V hasn't shagged
b) I hate Nate-Vanessa together. It always felt like Dan-Serena redux with gender roles reversed.
c) Good god Dan and Vanessa together are boring as shit.
d) How can you deny there is palpable sexual tension between them on-screen. they are wayyy too friendly, open, and comfortable with each other. They can't even be in the same room without eye fucking each other.
e) Rufus and Lily fight all the time and it is boring and lame.
f) I don't care, I like it!

I'm still working on the skeleton of the Nate/Jenny story arc, but for those of you not disgusting by my Vufus love, I thought I'd show you the super bad grammar laden, quickly typed up in textedit readers digest version of what I've got so far for their arc. Here goes:

Vanessa drunk, back from haiti, storms into the loft. She hasn't talked to dan since the GG blast. You know taking some space and time and blah blah blah. She has decided in her drunken state that she is NOT cool with how unresolved shit is. so, storms the loft. dan isn't home. dan is off doing something dan-like or whatever. who is home? rufus. he's working on a new song. why is he at the loft? because he and lily are fighting AGAIN. why? because lily isn't cool with the weekly chats with alison he has when checking up on Jenny. I mean, rufus was super jealous about william, how can he not understand where she's coming from? and dude alison HATES lily, blah blah and if he likes his old life so much then why not just move back to brooklyn! blah blah. So V is drunk, R is brooding. R attempts to take care of drunk V and amidst one of their heart to hearts V lays a kiss on him. R kisses her back only momentarily before both go what the hell. can't do this. she's drunk, he's my (ex?)boyfriends dad. vanessa runs to bathroom to vomit immediately (from alcohol, not from kiss). she comes back bleary eyed from the bathroom later. rufus has made her coffee. mad awkward silence. their hands brush as he hands her cup. both try to begin to apologize to each other for the kiss. awkward moments. attempt to steer convo in safe direction. v asks what song he was working on. they begin chatting some more. rufus agrees to play some of the new song for V. V starts crying. Rufus wipes tear off her face. They hug. Hug goes on for a beat or two too long.They look at each other and BAM they're kissing again. This time though, fingers in hair, hands on chests, etc. Anddd sexy times happen. Woo!

Well, there you have it. Not sure where it will go from there. But for posterity and humors sake, here it is.